Government Polytechnic College, Kottayam, established in 1960 in the beautiful land of letters, lakes and latex, towers above other institutions of its kind.At first it offered three year diploma courses in Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering.The campus sprawling over an area of 25.4 acres provides ample facilities to both the staff and the student community.In order to serve the needs of the industry in a better way other diploma branches like Electronics Engineering


Government Polytechnic College Kottayam aims at
  • Providing high quality education & training to cater to the multifarious needs of the Industrial and other segments of the community
  • Moulding character and conduct of its students enabling them to lead a disciplined and well-ordered life
  • Instilling in them the virtues of mutual respect and commitment for the betterment of the community.

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principal message

First of all I pay my gratitude to the almighty for being the Principal of Government Polytechnic College Kottayam.
Education and love are the powerful tools in the hands of teachers, who can mould the youth in their hands to socially committed and responsible persons which in turn lead to the better society. Our aim is to teach students to learn grow and excel. Engineering education is undergoing major transformation these days. Acquiring engineering knowledge as well as skill is a necessity to satisfy the expectations of industry. To improve the employability of our students we impart numerous facilities. The available schemes like IEDC, ASAP, ED CLUB, ISTE, Finishing School ets help students to become industry ready outcomes.The different co-curricular and extra-curricular activities mould them to be good persons in the society. With so many thanks to all